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Dr. Eduard Matito

Quantum Chemistry

The Group


See the group webpage for an updated list of the members of the group. 



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Dr. Eloy Ramos Cordoba

Dr. Rubén Ferradás

Dr. Luis Antonio Soriano Agueda 

Dr. Mireia Via Nadal


PhD Students:

1.- Irene Casademont Reig

2.- Sílvia Escayola (co-supervised with M. Solà and A. Poater, Univ. Girona) 

3.- Carmelo Naim (co-supervised with Fred Castet, Univ. Bordeaux) 

4.- Sebastian Sitkiewicz (co-supervised with J.M. Luis, Univ. Girona)

5.- Xiang Xu

6.- Aarón Rodríguez (co-supervised with D. Casanova, DIPC)

7.- Andrei Paulau (starts Sept. 2021)


Master Students

Markel Gonzalez de Chavarri Ylla

Xuban Gastearena 



Mauricio Rodríguez Mayorga (defended thesis in 2018). Currently at UV (Amsterdam).




From left to right: Andrei Paulau, Carmelo Naim, Eduard Matito, Irene Casademont, Sebastian Sitkiewicz, Mireia Via, Xiang Xu, Eloy Ramos-Cordoba.


Eloy is a Juan de la Cierva (postdoc) fellow working on method development, including DFT, DMFT, electron-correlation measures and local spin analysis. Mireia is a fresh postdoc working in electron correlation, Coulomb holes and density functional development. Rubén joined the group in 2020 and he is working in method development. Luís joined the group at the end of 2020, and is working in method development and aromaticity. Irene is a last-year PhD student working on the calculation of UV-Vis spectra, redox and photoredox properties with time-dependent DFT and several tools developed in the group to study the charge-transfer process. Sebastian is a PhD student also working in the development of DFT functionals for the calculation of nonlinear optical properties (NLOPs), he is co-supervised by Josep Maria Luis (UdG). Xiang Xu is a PhD student working on London dispersion forces and electron correlation in model systems. Carmelo Naim is a second-year PhD student working on molecular switches composed of molecules governed by dispersion forces, he is performing a joint PhD thesis with Frédéric Castet at the University of Bordeaux. Sílvia Escayola is doing a joint PhD thesis with Miquel Solà and Albert Poater (UdG), her main research topic is aromaticity. Aarón is working in the development of methodology to introduce dynamic correlation in excited states (co-supervisor, David Casanova, at the DIPC). Markel and Xuban are master students, working on method development. Andrei Paulau will soon join the group, he will work on a strong-correlation model for density functional theory (he starts his thesis in Sept. 2021).


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